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Re: Great quarter

zDate 8/23/2012

Quote " Concusion: SunOpta is attracting the attention of potential suitors for a buyout or a merger. etc"

Seems to me, and just my opinion, that if this company was as great and had such a glowing potential future, that long before now a hedge fund or other competitor would have bought SunOpta out completely. Especially since this stock has often been at very low prices... refecting the low earnings and no dividend. Every now and then this stock get recommended by the penny stock news letters and even recently by Jom Cramers "The Street". .... with little effect on the long term stock price.

Eventually this company will be facing three future events (1) The products will improve to the point that the company gaines market share (2) The company continues to stay in business but does not go anywhere (3) Out of desperation seeks a merger at a discount to someone willing to take it over before it goes bankrupt.

Quote "SunOpta has very favorable growth and a diverse product mix in the FASTEST growth areas of the global food industry." And yet they do not seem able to make revenues and the bottom line reflect that growth.
Now that the stock has fallen back to single digits, if you did not take a profit but kept holding in hopes of a higher price, then your investment since 2009 has been pretty much dead money when compared to the over all market which kept hitting new record highs. So what is going to happen to change the fortunes in this company if it stays independent and on its own resouces?
I do admit that the company has great hope, great expectations, and great promise but none of that is any good unless some hard cash is brought down to the bottom line with a track record on onging continuous improvements.
It would be good to keep a little bit of skeptic reality with the propaganda from management.

Now that I have posted this... just expect someone to make a fat buyout offer to show me up. <grin>


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